M.A. Corporate Advisory   is an independent  firm established in 2013 in Vienna – Austria and comprised of more than 20 Associates , lawyers and staff over Middle East . We operate a full commercial corporate service as a fully integrated national firm with office Vienna .  Our core legal capabilities are corporate; dispute resolution; and property and development.

Irrespective of whether you need a new strategic direction or to adjust to market changes, your company and all its key players should be targeting a single goal. We will  supports you in business succession, strategy development or strategic growth . You will receive all market information and the related law regulation in any of the Middle East Countries.

Many companies operate in a stagnating market environment. Market shares are fragmented. At the same time, price pressure is increasing. Market shares can be expanded through mergers with other businesses.

The goals of strategic growth are:

  • Opening up additional regional markets
  • Gaining new customer groups
  • Expanding the product and service range

we will support  you in analyzing your strategic market position and defining your business strategy. The services we offer for a strategic add-on acquisition give you access to businesses in complementary product and services segments, additional regional markets or new customer sectors.

Our range of services includes:

  • Market research for identifying suitable acquisition candidates (long list/short list)
  • Approaching the previously agreed candidates
  • Performing due diligence when acquire new business
  • Supporting the purchase negotiations up until contract conclusion
  • Supporting the acquire of trade license and the required residence title
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